How to fix Windows Update error 0x800f8011 on Windows

Microsoft always ensures that security holes, feature errors … on Windows are fixed by patches released through Windows Update. However, that Windows update system is very prone to errors, one of the most annoying errors has the code 0x800f8011.

This error usually appears when you update with the message: “We couldn’t install this update, but you can try again (0x800f8011)”. And of course, this error prevents you from installing new updates.

In this article, guideonline will guide you how to fix Windows Update error code 0x800f8011.

Causes of Windows Update error code 0x800f8011

Sometimes some files needed for the update process are missing causing you to get error 0x800f8011 while trying to update Windows. In addition, conflicts between third-party antivirus software or outdated system drivers will also cause this problem.

To fix Windows Update error code 0x800f8011 you use the following methods:

1. Try installing the update manually

How to fix Windows Update error 0x800f8011 on Windows

The most intuitive way and with the highest success rate you should try first is to install the update manually. If something is wrong with Windows Update components or the necessary files are missing, a manual installation will help you get rid of the problem.

  1. Open Windows Settings and click on the Windows Update tab.
  2. Find the update code you’re having trouble installing. Usually begins with the letter KB and is mentioned in parentheses at the end of the update name.
  3. Go to the Microsoft Update Catalog page and paste the KB code into the search bar.
  4. You’ll see updates that match the KB code you’re looking for.
  5. Click Download and follow the steps to install the update manually.

Restart the computer to complete the update process.

2. Temporarily disable third-party antivirus software

If the root cause of the problem is a conflict between your third-party antivirus software and Windows Update, you can simply disable the antivirus temporarily. After disabling it, try to install the update again and check if it works normally.

3. Run the Windows Update debugger

How to fix Windows Update error 0x800f8011 on Windows

Microsoft provides debuggers for almost every function on Windows. Therefore, you can try using the troubleshooter to fix Windows Update problems.

  1. Open Windows Settings and select the System tab.
  2. Scroll down to find and click Troubleshoot.
  3. Click on Other troubleshooters and under “Most frequent” you will see the fix tool for Windows Update. Click Run and wait for the debugging process to complete.

The Windows Update debugger will scan the entire file system and fix it if it finds a problem. Once the process is complete, try installing the update again.

4. Return Windows Update Components to Defaults

If the Windows Update debugger doesn’t work, you can return Windows Update Components to its default state. If your Windows Update system frequently crashes, resetting Windows Update Components is the best option.

Resetting Windows Update Components is a relatively complicated process, requiring you to have a little computer experience. You can refer to the detailed method in the article below:

How to reset Windows Update on Windows

How to fix Windows Update error code 0x800f081f?

People often confuse the error in this article with Windows Update error code 0x800f081f. In fact, error 0x800f081f comes with the message “There were some problems installing the update” and can be fixed by using the built-in DISM utility. The DISM utility can detect inconsistencies within system files and correct them to a consistent state.

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