7 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Can Use

7 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions: Although ChatGPT was only launched to the public on November 30, 2022 we can call it the most popular AI tool by far. It can answer questions on diverse topics in a way that makes you feel like you’re interacting with a human. You can use it to do research, get help with coding issues, and more.

7 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Can Use

7 ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome

ChatGPT is definitely great but it still has some limitations. Fortunately, you can enlist the help of some Chrome extensions to make ChatGPT meet your needs. Even if you think nothing of the limitations of ChatGPT, these Chrome extensions will increase your overall productivity. And we have compiled a list of 7 ChatGPT extensions for Chrome for you.

1. WebChatGPT

Once you have WebChatGPT installed on your system, 7 ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome extensions will enhance the chatbot by providing it with the latest and relevant results from the web for the prompt you type . The answers the bot provides are then more relevant. ChatGPT also shows you the web results it used, i.e. the results the extension provides, to arrive at an answer that gives you peace of mind.

Get WebChatGPT

2. ChatGPT Everywhere

ChatGPT Everywhere, you can have AI bots (almost) everywhere. Installing the ChatGPT Everywhere extension gives you access to AI on all websites and even in Google Search.

7 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Can Use

Get ChatGPT Everywhere

3. ChatGPT for Google

On Google, this extension works like the one above. The extension displays the response from ChatGPT to your Google query in a dashboard right on the Google results page. But there’s one key difference – you can configure whether you want a response from ChatGPT on every Google search query, on queries you end with a ‘?’, or just manually when you click a button.

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4. ChatGPT for Search Engines

Get ChatGPT for Search Engines

If you are a Bing user, instead of the above two extensions, you will prefer this one. For some reason, they don’t work on Bing. ChatGPT for Search Engines works largely like the ones above.

7 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Can Use

When you are using any of the search engines – Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo – you will get live results from ChatGPT for the query you typed in the search bar on a small window on the right. It’s the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.

5. ChatGPT Writer

Get ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer’s specific focus is to help you write and you can use it on any website. All you need to do is tell ChatGPT Writer what you want it to write about and you will have an email/message generated. Then just copy the response by clicking a button and paste it where you want it to be sent.

6. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

Get YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

With this extension you don’t have to endure horribly long YouTube videos that take ages to get to the point.

7 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Can Use

If you have the extension installed, you will see a border box on the video on the right. But more importantly, you can get the transcript summary from ChatGPT.

7. tweetGPT

Get tweetGPT

If your work involves tweeting, tweetGPT might be the extension you need. We know that it’s hard to think of tweets or replies to tweets with the right level of humor or sarcasm. tweetGPT uses ChatGPT to compose new tweets or reply to tweets for you.


Above are 7 ChatGPT Chrome extensions you can use and experience this latest technology. Hopefully with the sharing that the computer tips blog guideonline.biz has shared will be useful to you, wish you success.

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